(OBS! TILLSATT) Sandvik söker graduate trainee inom IT Infrastructure development

(OBS! TILLSATT) Sandvik söker graduate trainee inom IT Infrastructure development

What we do?
At Sandvik IT Services, we manage the IT needs of our entire global organization by offering technical solutions for hardware and software, architecture, security, system and process development, and we ensure excellent user support. We like working in a changing environment, where our competence and creativity helps us solve complex challenges and making informed decisions on the go.

What you get?
Joining our organization, you are welcomed into an exciting world where new advanced technology meets the core of manufacturing in ways that truly shape the industry. With us, you have every chance to use your digital skills and your appetite for development in a live business setting, and by uniting our knowledge and experience, we believe the future is ours to grab.

Who are you?

  • With a curious mind and a perspective that challenges conventional ways of solving problems, you influence our organization to identify opportunities and keep on improving.
  • To easily adapt to the fast-paced and constantly-changing nature of this field, you need to have a broad background and a genuine interest in IT Infrastructure.
  • Your wide competence will make a true difference for us, and you need to always keep the bigger picture in mind, and also to understand how we can adapt to international differences in regulations and cultures as we act in a truly global setting.
  • Naturally, you are fluent in English, while skills in Swedish are an advantage.
  • With confidence and self-awareness, you take on the mission of bringing us towards cutting edge technology.

 Program setup
The Graduate trainee-position is part of the Higher Ambition Program where companies and organizations in Gävleborg and Dalarna take on a joint responsibility for the competence supply within the region.

Within Higher Ambition Program you will be part of a group of approximately 15 Graduate Trainess with a trainee position within different companies and organizations, that will meet on a regular basis during the year, both formal and informal meetings. During your year as Graduate Trainee you will also participate in Higher Ambition Programs joint trainings of 12-14 days focusing on modern leadership. During the training program we will also visit other companies and organizations connected to Higher Ambition Program.

Your trainee-year at Sandvik
During your trainee year at Sandvik IT Services you will get the possibility to join various projects and experiencing different areas within the IT Infrastructure domain. You will be assigned activities and task to complete together with other project members and/or by yourself. You will be working with together with other Sandvik IT employees as well as consultants external to Sandvik IT in o global environment using modern, often cloud-based, tools and methods.

Submit your CV and video in the application form. Welcome with your application! To the application form >>

Should you have any questions about the trainee position? Contact Claes Westberg at +46706165160 or Stefan Willems at +46706106514.


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